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Update 9/1/2021:

I have been away from game development since releasing this game. I figured a good refresher would be to take everyone's critiques and throw them into a remastered game. I only spent about 5 hours on this. I did not have time to update the art or add more levels which is a bummer... Below is the list of fixes and improvements:

-Boss removed (due to nothing special about him)

-Vial pickup noise added

-Vial now required to win the game

-Zombies now moan when they begin chasing you

-The level is much darker, and the player carries a flashlight

-Lowered the alarm volume

-Fixed the spinning timer

New files are titled "Remastered" Enjoy!


In ViroScape you are the villain... A deadly virus was accidentally released in a University Laboratory, infecting many of the students. Infiltrate the University and steal the virus for your organization before the Government can contain the situation.

Good Luck.


WASD - Move

LMB - Shoot

Development Info:

Game Jam - GDFG Monthly Game Jam #6

Theme - You are the Villain.

Time - Roughly 15 hours.

This is my second game, and first in Godot.

Known Bugs: 

Can run out door right away and win....

Timer rotates with cursor.

Item pickup sound does not play.

Thanks for Playing!

Email: scrapyninjagames@gmail.com

Twitter: @ScrapyNinjaGmes


ViroScape.zip 29 MB
ViroScapeLinux.zip 30 MB
Viroscape_Remastered_Linux.zip 30 MB
ViroScapeRemastered_Windows.zip 29 MB


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Really liked how you made the environment darker and gave the player a flashlight - it made it feel a lot more claustrophobic and not as easy to plan ahead for the zombies. Zombie noises and other sound effects definitely helped with the immersion.

Couple things I'd like to see:

  • Where'd the boss zombie go?? I really liked him haha I thought it gave a bit of extra challenge. 
  • I walked by the vial several times because I simply didn't notice it. I think it'd be worth making the vial a noticeable color or outlined or something to make it clear to the player that they can pick it up.
  • Some sweet background jams to slay some zombies to XD