This is my first game! (and game jam)

STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Feedback Appreciated. Thanks!


You and your family reside in a small rural village in the dynasty periods of Japan. One unfortunate day your village is raided by the government Samurai forces. Many villagers are killed, buildings are set ablaze, and young men are taken captive to join the ranks of the Emperor's Military. One of these men captured is your eldest son. Your objective is to go after the samurai and return your son. You don your long retired ninja garb and take off down the path they left on... Collect the shuriken along the way as you might need them..


Arrow keys for movement and spacebar to throw shuriken (during battle scenes).

Touch is also enabled for appropriate devices.

Wall Jumping is done by clicking the up arrow repeatedly.


Please use full-screen for the best experience.


Engine- Construct 3 (free version)

Sprites- DezrasDragons  and GrafxKid on OGA

Play Testers- Maggie, Zach F, Zach T,  The Guys, Jeremy

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